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Moule d’Armor was born thanks to the will of oysters and mussels producers who wanted to gather their strengths in order to reach the new requirements of the market.


We created a unique sales department to get more reactivity.


We produce Bouchot mussels all along French coasts: Atlantic coast, Côte d’Armor, Mont Saint Michel bay, Normandy and Côte d’Opale.


Our oysters are produced in Brittany, in Cancale, on the west coast of Cotentin and in Saint-Vaast la Hougue.


We also produce flat oysters and we can get numerous other shellfishes and mollusques (like whelks).


We have got a varied range of packaging and we can study any particular customer's request. Our mussels can be prepared “ready to cook”, in bags or in plastic tray with protective atmosphere.


Our oysters are packed in wooden tray or in plastic tray for air shipping.


We follow strict standards with sanitary controls and we ensure the perfect traceability of our products from producer to consumer.


Moule d'Armor
Les Rolandières
Tel : (33) 0 299 806 060
fax : (33) 0 299 806 070